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I perceive injuries and pain as unique opportunities to grow and improve far beyond the initial predicament.

                                                                                                                    I work with people seeking to improve their quality                                                                                                                     of movement, posture & flexibility. I work with                                                                                                                     people looking for increased vitality, and people                                                                                                                     needing relief from chronic pain. I work                                                                                                                     with people recovering from surgeries and injuries.                                                                                                                     work with athletes, musicians, and performers, as                                                                                                                     do with people suffering from mild to severe                                                                                                                     neurological challenges due to stroke, coma, or                                                                                                                     various other traumatic brain injuries. Quite a wide                                                                                                                     range; and each individual is by definition so                                                                                                                     incredibly unique.
                                                                                                                    I strive to create an environment most conducive                                                                                                                     to learning with each individual. We live in a fast,                                                                                                                     ever changing world, personally and                                                                                                                     globally; learning to learn is so relevant. As Moshe                                                                                                                     Feldenkrais said so eloquently, "What I'm after isn't                                                                                                                     flexible bodies, but flexible minds."

There is a learning-to-learn aspect that is quite fundamental to the Feldenkrais Method. The good news is that we all mastered this process years ago as babies, especially with regards to self organization and movement. It is great fun to re-awaken this semi-dormant knowledge, and re-learn the joy of moving more comfortably, more efficiently more intelligently; ultimately, more freely and spontaneously.
​Learn How To: 

  • Increase your coordination, balance and flexibility

  • Move more efficiently & more intelligently

  • Relieve chronic & acute pains; learn to recover faster from injuries

  • Enjoy greater ease of movement and a feeling of peaceful relaxation
Doron Tadmor Feldenkrais Practitioner
Feldenkrais(R), Feldenkrais Method(R), Awareness Through Movement(R), Functional Integration(R), are registered service marks of the FELDENKRAIS GUILD(R) of North America. Feldenkrais(R) photos by Galit Grabovizki / Feldenkrais with Doron Tadmor in New York City

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