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Doron Tadmor Feldenkrais Practitioner

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I perceive pain and injuries as unique opportunities to grow and improve far beyond the initial reduction of pain -- which is why many come to me in the first place.

Some people seek to improve athletic performance, or with various neurological challenges like Stroke, Coma, various traumatic brain injuries, etc. Those who come with acute or chronic pain, often say that these sessions are healing and therapeutic.

My focus is on improved functioning, optimal organization and efficient movement. A person's comfortable and easy "self-use". I am particularly interested in helping people discover new possibilities.

​Learn How To: 

  • Increase your coordination, balance and flexibility

  • Move more efficiently & more intelligently

  • Relieve chronic & acute pains; learn to recover faster from injuries

  • Enjoy greater ease of movement and a feeling of peaceful relaxation
Feldenkrais(R), Feldenkrais Method(R), Awareness Through Movement(R), Functional Integration(R), are registered service marks of the FELDENKRAIS GUILD(R) of North America. Feldenkrais(R) photos by Galit Grabovizki / Feldenkrais with Doron Tadmor in New York City

For a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION phone consultation, please call Doron:
For a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION phone consultation,
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