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I have been interested in movement arts since my teenage years in Israel, when I studdied Shorinji Ryu (Karate.) After my Film & TV Undergraduate studies at NYU I started a 15-year career as a motion graphics producer. The demanding daily grind of TV production highlighted old and new physical limitations, and brought into awareness inefficiencies in my physical self-use centering mainly around my spine. While searching for a more intelligent and intuitive approach I discovered the soft and internal martial art of Tai Chi Chuan, and simultaneously the subtle and gentle approach of the Alexander Technique.

20 years ago, while searching for ways to diminish chronic pains and improve my daily functioning I had experienced a Functional Integration® lesson of the Feldenkrais Method®. It was highly effective, not only in helping me recover faster, but there also was another entirely unexpected, powerful process that started during the lesson and just kept going! Most importantly, it was great fun too. I dreamed of becoming a Feldenkrais® practitioner one day, but could never imagine how transformative this journey would actually become. In 2002 I joined a professional Feldenkrais Training. My dream of leaving my tv producing career behind to become a Feldenkrais® practitioner began to materialize.

The intense personal challenges both my parents experienced in the last years of their lives impacted me profoundly. Their stubborn struggle to remain functional, effective and dignified to the very end. It became my passion to help people function and perform better; to organize and move better. Early on in my training, i fell in love with the very basic tenet of learning to be more comfortable in life; learning to attend to ground forces, and a person's support from the ground, in the field of gravity. Recognizing patterns of self use, biases, and the art of distributing force evenly through oneself. Gracefully moving through life, and functioning. Naturally, I work with people with an enormous range of personal struggles and limitations, as individuals are so unique. From people recovering from surgeries, to those with neurological challenges, from marathon runners, to seniors and babies, I help people learn how to improve their self-use. My goal is to facilitate a healthy, rich and creative learning environment.

For some people, especially performers and athletes, I am a movement teacher, yet for others I teach awareness. Some people, mainly those who suffer from chronic pain or those recovering from injuries, tend to say that these lessons are therapeutic. These revolutionary baby-style-learning processes which focus on sensing/feeling/paying attention, rather than memorizing what-is-good-posture, has a powerful healing component. My focus is on creating the best environment for learning; learning that takes place by the student and myself simultaneously.

I have had a few important influences and mentors over the years. In my original training I studied with Frank Wildman, Yvon Joly, Dennis Leri, Chavah Shelhav, Donna Blank, Mary Spire, and Steven Rosenholtz. My most important mentors since were Robbie Ofir and Martin Weiner.

I recently completed Jeff Haller's IOPS academy - a 2 year advanced training. Jeff has become my current mentor. His teaching is unparalleled, and the impact of his teaching on my practice is quite tangible. A truly humbling and gratifying process. Th best part os that Jeff's ideas are deep and rich enough to allow me to continue exploring them for many years to come.
Doron Tadmor Feldenkrais Practitioner
Doron Tadmor
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