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ATM (Awareness Through Movement lesson)
Doron Tadmor's Talent, skill, intuition and kindness have helped appreciably in my struggle with chronic degenerative illness. He has helped both with pain management and with general body strength. Nerves on fire, bruised muscles and overall weakness have been improved by both his visits and instructions. He is masterful in listening to the human body and teaching others to tap one's own healing powers.

Patrice Adcroft
Former Editorial Director Discover Magazine
I have practiced Feldenkrais weekly for 24 years with five amazing practitioners, each recommended by the other. With a chronic back condition, Feldenkrais keeps me mobile and pain free; moreover, it has changed my life for the better, opening up new possibilities for thinking and living. In two years of working with Doron, I have found him to be truly exceptional and gifted. In these two years I have been more consistently pain free than at any time in the last 25 years. His work is as powerful as it is subtle. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Roger S. Berkowitz
Moishy is a two-year old quadruple amputee, who spends many hours a day in therapy with therapists who are busy teaching him what to do. Doron gives Moishy and his body the tools and abilities to learn themselves. My favorite memory is of the time that both Doron and the PT were working on the stairs. The PT put Moishy in front of a flight of stairs and said "take your right foot, pick it up and put it on the step. Good. No not like that. And now the left foot." Wah! Wah! After two steps Moishy was crying and frustrated. Doron brought Moishy to a flight of stairs and sat behind him.  Moishy looked, turned, thought about it, and went forward. Then he came back for secure grounding. All the while with Doron right behind him encouraging and offering security but not guiding or even touching him. At the end of that session Moishy was HALFWAY up a flight of stairs!

Dina Sasonkin
In Fall 2011, I had the good fortune of receiving a friend's recommendation to see Doron Tadmor, described to me as a "highly-skilled" Feldenkrais practitioner, to explore a new way of healing and loosening up the mobility of my right shoulder, which I injured a few months earlier while practicing a yoga pose. 

Doron made a most striking difference in my healing process, not only through his concerted expertise and obvious passion for his profession, but also through his patience and compassion. He possesses a brilliant knack for tapping into the body-mind's unconscious healing resources, guiding one to guide one's own body to heal itself, thereby igniting the inner magic of the body's natural, innate healing powers.

I would highly recommend Doron's healing methods to anyone even mildly curious about how to improve the body's innate kinetic activities, not to mention to anyone urgently needing to heal from an injury and pain.

Diana W, NYC
If you are not familiar with the Feldenkrais method, there is no better way to learn than with Doron.  He is empathic, engaging, meticulous and specific.

Jonathan Rubinstein
Doron is intelligent, multitalented, a skilled communicator. Highly well trained; he clearly loves and is devoted to his work. He combines all this with a generosity of spirit, sincere interest and sensitivity towards the individual needs and unique learning processes of his students. I have benefited from Doron's extraordinary Awareness Through Movement lessons for the past five years.

His classes take place in a safe, relaxed learning atmosphere which he fosters with his calm, mature authority, and light touch. Except for a few of us Doron’s students were new to Feldenkrais work but are now part of his on-going and ever-growing following. Whenever class ends I see mirrored on faces or hear expressed, the comfort and self discovery he has enabled us to experience.

I am honored to share what I know of this especially gifted teacher who demonstrates so much of what inspires me about teaching and learning, as an educator for over 30 years and long time Feldenkrais student.

Frances Siegel
Through Doron's gentle and insightful guidance I relearned simple movements that were less stressful and taxing on parts my body that experienced chronic pain. The experience improved my quality of life by teaching me to re-think and ultimately relearn some of my most basic movements that I had taken for granted - movements such as sitting up. I always looked forward to my lessons with Doron as I always learned something new, and integrated the movements we practiced in our lessons in my day to day life. My experience with Doron and Feldenkrais provided me with an awareness of my body's movements that I lacked before or simply took for granted.

Charlie Russell
Although I have had a really good university education after majoring in science in high school with three years of biology, it  took Doron's classes to awaken me for the first time, now overweight in my late 70s, to my own skeleton. Feldenkreis is, indeed, awareness through movement, from the brain through the nervous system to bones all connecting to each other. As Doron leads me slowly, gently, in small, focused increments,  encouraging me to neither judge nor exert effort, I discover where the movement begins and how it naturally flows smoothly through other parts of my framework. I finish the class in a state of surprise of how it all worked, marvelling at the gift and poetry of my own body, more appreciative of the genius of Moshe Feldenkreis, and filled with gratitude for Doron's classes. I never miss one if I can help it.    

Leila Mustachi
Doron Tadmor, Functional Integration lesson
Doron Tadmor, Functional Integration lesson
Doron Tadmor, Awareness Through Movement lesson
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Doron Tadmor, Westbeth ATM
Doron Tadmor is the rare teacher whose method of mind/body integration helps tremendously in reducing stress and pain in ways that are highly effective. He is a rare teacher in using uncommon methods that stimulate self learning in re-patterning how we think about our bodies and moving through space in the way of least resistance. Leaving his classes with lighter, pain free body and new ways of moving that seemed blocked or impossible, is a gift of immense importance to his students.

Ze'eva Cohen, dancer, choreographer,
Professor Emerita, Princeton University
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